Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wednesday 24th March
Today was our first real test of Nature Discovery in cooler temperatures and steady rain.  Unfortunately after we took our one and only picture the camera batteries went flat.  The children had lots of fun sliding down mudslides and splashing in puddles and ended up covered in mud from head to toe.  They looked like they were in camo for duck shooting time.  During lunch all children said it was their favourite activity today.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

3rd February - More fun at Nature Discovery

Today, we found some big rocks to climb and pretended that we were Dinosaurs.  We were really scary and made lots of noise.
We also added more branches to our hut in the trees next to the climbing trees that we love to climb.  It was nice and shady in our hut and a great place to have some quiet time if we wanted to.  Another fun filled day!!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bear Hunt at Nature Discovery

We're going on a bear hunt. Uh oh long grass! We can't go over it, we can't go under it, we'll have to go through it.  We even found a rabbit hole.  Watch your step.

Castles and Rivers at Nature Discovery

December 16 2009
What a fun morning we had.  Working together and guided by Summer we made two castles that were connected by a river.  The river had bushes on the edge and we used flowers for fish.  Summer worked very hard designing the bedrooms inside the castle.  She used flowers and grass for the beds and floor.  I think the castles and the river are amazing!  

It rained on Fiordland Kindergarten Nature Discovery

December 09 2009
Today was a test of our new TOI wet weather gear
It was the first day we have had rain - it well and truly kept us dry.
We tried to catch the rain drops in our hands - but didn't have much luck.  We made shelters with bark and sticks and used our tarpaulins too.
We were still able to all the things we love to do even though it was raining.
Here we are on the climbing rocks - a little bit slippery in the rain but still lots of fun - we just had to be more careful!

December 2 2009

Today on Fiordland Kindergarten Nature Discovery we pretended that we were a train going through a tunnel of trees.   It was dark like a tunnel.

We all found 10 sticks each and built things with them.  Some of us built buildings by twisting the sticks into the ground. Others made train tracks and rivers across the grass.   They all looked awesome and each one was different.  Some of us joined together so that we would have more sticks to work with and make our creations bigger.  Great teamwork.

Wednesday 25th November 2009

Today at Nature Discovery we added more sticks and bush branches to our shelter.  It was fun walking on the track.  Nico found some buttercups and went round holding it under his friends chins to see if they liked butter.

November 17th 2009

We had fun rolling down "Bunny Hole Hill".     We could see rocks under the water.

Today we began Fiordland Kindergarten Nature Discovery

November 11 2009