Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Gnuffs

The Gnuff Family

Grandpa, Grandma, Pa, Ma, Rimu, Rata, Baby Fern.

There has been magical happenings at Nature Discovery, Mrs Shaw wondered if it might be the Gnuffs. She had seen and heard of the Gnuffs before but this was a long time ago. This week when we arrived at the shed there was a note from the Gnuffs. The note welcomed us and then led us on a wonderful treasure hunt, the Gnuffs had left us many clues and taonga to find. During the morning we had a special visitor Mrs Shaw number 2, she remembered the Gnuffs also, and came to tell the story that she had heard from the birds of Fiordland about how they had seen the Gnuffs working their magic within Te Anau again.